About Us

We are just what you need! We specialize in mission trips & so much more.

Our staff has a combined 48 plus years of actively being involved in missions. Several of our current staff have worked with other mission organizations in the past and have brought that experience with them. We have previously operated under the umbrella of a local church and the name Sunshine Missions. God has blessed with growth and opened doors for this ministry to now operate as a stand alone Non-Profit Ministry – Teamwork Missions.

We have an experienced staff, established ministry partners, an earnest desire to share Christ, we are equipped to provide your group a life changing mission experience, and we have an enthusiasm to live out our motto. This change gives us opportunity to grow even more and expand from the Southeast to now a Coast to Coast ministry! Part of our mission statement is also our motto :

“Reaching In, Reaching Out, Reaching Up – from Coast to Coast”

  Our youth mission trips provide your group an opportunity to be the hands and feet of Christ. Join us as we make lasting impact in the communities and areas we serve. We offer community service projects and community outreach ministry. Maybe it’s painting an elderly persons home, or building a ramp for handicap access. No matter what the project, you’ll be meeting an important need. You could be handing out Bibles, or be conducting a VBS ministry to reach the community. You may be the first one to share the love of Jesus with them. We partner with local ministries who have a presence where we serve to prepare those we are going to minister to,  and to follow up with sustained discipleship. Join us and make a difference in the lives of others. Every day will include prayer, devotion time & evening worship.

  Our mission trip excursions are the perfect way to blend ministry and adventure. These trips include hands on ministry opportunities and high adventure in National Park type settings. For example, one day we would serve in a soup kitchen, and the next day hike through Arches National Park exploring Gods marvelous creation, looking and learning about these wonders from a Christian worldview. The evening may be spent handing out Bibles in town, while the night might include star gazing at Canyonland National Park. One of the county’s most spectacular places to view God’s handiwork is in the night sky while having meaningful conversation about Scripture . Each day will start and end with a time of prayer & a devotion.

See each destination for more details – 

  Our Christian Heritage & History tours take an up close & personal look at the amazing history of our country and how the faith of our founding fathers had an impact on the decisions they made. We will tour Philadelphia /or DC / or Boston seeing multiple sights and pointing out specific things that point to our Christian faith. We will make it our goal to point out scripture on memorials and in the pubic square. While in DC, we will visit the new & amazing Bible Museum. We offer 3 day or 5 day Christian Heritage & History tours or can customize a tour for your specific needs. We also offer a mission trip/history excursion to Philly  blending a mix of ministry projects and heritage tour. Each day will start & end with prayer and a look into God’s Word.

We also offer several trips & tours during spring breaks, fall breaks, Christmas breaks, and other long weekends when many schools/colleges are out. We can customize your trip to fit your exact needs.

See our  Missionary Bio Page for more staff information.

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