Teamwork Missions offers a variety of destinations when it comes to Mission Trips. As a Youth Leader, all you have to do is pick one, and let Teamwork Missions do the rest. You can pick a destination that suits you and your group, because nobody knows your youth like you do. Some mission trips also include a Christian Heritage Tour, where you and your group can experience the history of a location through a Christian Worldview. Some mission trips include outdoor excursions which include elements of finding God in His beautiful creation. Several summer dates & weeks available for each location. You can pick from any of the following:

Tampa Bay Area Youth Mission Trip  – $349

  • Join us for meaningful ministry in the backdrop of the beautiful Bay area –
  • housing, most meals & tools/supplies are included
  • outreach/projects may include ministry at local food banks, street ministry, projects at foster homes/ children’s homes / veterans / elderly and more.

Florida Panhandle Disaster Relief Mission Trip – $379

  • Long after the news reporters leave, those effected by the storm struggle to recover
  • help as we serve those in need
  • housing, most meals & tools/supplies are included
  • projects may include clean-up, rehab, painting, drywall and general work to aid in the rebuilding process, plus outreach and ministry opportunities.

Nashville Metro Area Youth Mission Trip – $379

  • Serve at local missions & outreach to the needy in Nashville –
  • housing, most meals & tools/supplies are included
  • Many in the Music City need the love of Christ, help us serve and help those who are in need. Projects and outreach include street ministry & helping local churches.

Philadelphia Mission Trip w/ Christian Heritage Tour – $499

  •  Spread the love of Christ in the city of Brotherly love doing outreach & learning the faith of our founding fathers.
  • housing, most meals & tools/supplies are included, plus most entry fee’s are covered
  • this hybrid trip includes meaningful ministry such as helping the large homeless population, and serving the elderly – plus a hands on history of America’s Christian faith

Washington DC / Philadelphia / Boston – Christian Heritage & History Tour – $299

  • Explore one of these 3 cities and their Christian History  & its many sites through a Christian lens.
  • housing or meals are not included, most entry fee’s are included
  • Come revisit the faith of America’s founding fathers

Denver – Colorado Springs Mission Trip Excursion – $399

  • meaningful ministry and projects, awesome ministry partners & opportunity in this area, come explore some of the most beautiful parts of the USA through a Christian lens & worldview
  • housing, most meals and tools/supplies are included – plus most entry fee’s
  • we have a long list of ministry opportunities, come ready to serve and expect making lifelong memories.

Ask about our new destinations to South Dakota and New Mexico, doing ministry on Indian Reservations! 

ALL of our trips are given from a Christian Worldview and Biblical perspective. Our mission trips include chapel services that will share the Gospel, and our Christian History trips show the faith of our forefathers and the hand of a providential God.

We do have weeks at each location that can be set up as Family Mission Trips or Intergenerational Mission Trips – We’ve had many churches express interest in these types of trip s & so we’ve responded to meet the need. For more information please call us today as space is limited.

Please contact us for even more details!

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