Teamwork Missions offers a variety of destinations when it comes to Mission Trips. As a Youth Leader, all you have to do is pick one, and let Teamwork Missions do the rest. You can pick a destination that suits you and your group, because nobody knows your youth like you do. Some mission trips also include a Christian Heritage Tour, where you and your group can experience the history of a location through the Christian Worldview. Several summer dates & weeks available for each location. You can pick from any of the following:

Tampa Bay Area Youth Mission Trip  – $349

  • Join us for meaningful ministry in the backdrop of the beautiful Bay area –
  • housing, most meals & tools/supplies are included

Florida Panhandle Disaster Relief Mission Trip – $379

  • Long after the news reporters leave, those effected by the storm struggle to recover
  • help as we serve those in need
  • housing, most meals & tools/supplies are included

Nashville Metro Area Youth Mission Trip – $379

  • Serve at local missions & outreach to the needy in Nashville –
  • housing, most meals & tools/supplies are included

Philadelphia Mission Trip w/ Christian Heritage Tour – $499

  •  Spread the love of Christ in the city of Brotherly love doing outreach & learning the faith of our founding fathers.
  • housing, most meals & tools/supplies are included, plus most entry fee’s are covered

Washington DC Christian Heritage & History Tour – $299

  • Explore this Capitol City & its many sights through a Christian lens.
  • housing or meals are not included, most entry fee’s are included

Denver – Colorado Springs Mission Trip Excursion – $399

  • meaningful ministry and projects, awesome ministry partners & opportunity in this area, come explore some of the most beautiful parts of the USA through a Christian lens & worldview
  • housing, most meals and tools/supplies are included – plus most entry fee’s

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